Tuesday, September 7, 2010

California Water Shortage

One solution to the water crisis in California is a concept called "Salton Sea Synergy". This concept could save the Salton Sea at a minimal cost while providing clean water and energy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Water Shortage and Hydrogen Power

With existing technology hydrogen can be made by simply combining electricity and water. The process works even better with salt water. The hydrogen can then be stored for use when solar or wind is not available, or it can be transported for use elsewhere.

Energy from the power plant can also be used to process water. Since there is virtually an endless supply of power and salt water, the plant could generate huge amounts water. The Imperial Valley would be the most logical place to distribute the water since it is a huge farming area and is in the immediate vicinity of the Salton Sea. This would significantly ease the demand from our over burdened water system and allow more water for northern California and Arizona. In theory this could eliminate the need for Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego counties to draw water or power from northern California.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why did I start this site?

My memories of the Salton Sea are those of a magnificent desert oasis full of opportunities. Regrettably, over the years I have only seen its deterioration. There are various plans in work focused on saving the Salton Sea, but they are facing huge obstacles due to a lack of resources and funding. If you step back and look at the larger picture it becomes clear that the Salton Sea holds the key to solving many issues in Southern California. To name a few; dwindling water supplies/rising water cost, power shortages/rising fuel/energy costs, controversial desalinization plants/dams, loss of one of the world's largest bird sanctuaries, unemployment, and not to mention greenhouse gasses/deterioration of the environment. This solution is a relatively simple concept I have dubbed "Salton Sea Synergy". This concept could potentially address all of these issues and transform the Salton Sea back into the oasis it once was while creating an unprecedented, environmentally friendly, world class undertaking that people and wildlife would flock to.

After receiving several less than supportive responses from our state officials regarding this concept, I decided a blog might help to gain support of this idea. Take a look at the concept, links and slideshow on this site. If you feel this is a worthwhile effort please contact me at the e-mail address below, or let our government officials, or anyone else who might be interested, know about this site.

Thanks for visiting,

Lamont Castagnera